Sweden under threat of terror attacks”, warns Iraq’s Intelligence Services

Arrival of 8 ISIS terrorists feared   

As the ISIS terrorists prepare to attack UK, Germany and Italy, it is now alleged that 7-8 terrorists have entered Sweden. The Iraqi Intelligence Service has warned of a terror attack in ‘Stockholm’, the Swedish capital.sweden terror threat_AFP

These ISIS terrorists have succeeded in gaining entry into Sweden, mixing among the huge migrant swarms. These 7 to 8 terrorists have struck base in Stockholm and plan to target public places there. The Iraqi officials in an interview to the ‘NBC News’, stated that these terrorists entered Sweden in 2015. In light of this threat, the security in Sweden has been tightened. 

While the Swedish security services work intensively to zero in on the terrorists, foreign nationals and tourists have been alerted. The US Embassy too has alerted citizens urging them to be watchful when moving in public places or when using public transport. 

A large number of youth joined the conflict that ISIS triggered in Syria two years ago. 800 young people from Britain and 300 from Sweden left home for Syria to join the ISIS. Security Agencies fear that some of these might have returned, heightening the threat of terror in Sweden.

At the end of the week, Sweden celebrates the 70th birthday of its king, King Carl XVI Gustaf and the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ too is a mere couple of days away. In the light of these two major events, the terror threat causes all the more worry. 

The terrorists linked with the Paris and the Brussels attacks have been arrested. The information they yielded also points to the fact that IS terrorists entered Europe through Turkey and North Africa and plan targeted attacks on prominent European nations. May France and Belgium already have suffered attacks but IS terrorists are prepared for more horrific ones. 

As recently as in the last week, there was news of IS terrorists hiding in UK, Germany, Spain and Italy. Also, the ISIS has, over and above, released a video revealing their intention to soon launch even more brutal attacks in Europe. IS has threatened now with attacks more horrifying than the 9/11 attack on the USA.

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