Against the backdrop of Florida school shooting, President Donald Trump issues ordinance banning ‘Bump Stocks Rifles’

Washington: President Donald Trump has ordered a ban on the ‘Bump Stocks Rifles’ against the background of the indiscriminate shooting incident in a school in the state of ‘Florida, the United States’. President Trump signed the ordinance for this purpose, on Tuesday. The US Department of Justice has been asked to ban all equipments that can convert the officially permitted ‘guns’ into ‘machine guns’. President Trump gave this information at a function held in the White House.

17 people had lost their lives in the massacre at the ‘Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’ in the city of Parkland, in the state of Florida. Nicholas Cruz, a 19 year old student of the school, fired indiscriminately using a ‘Semiautomatic AR-15 Rifle’, killing students and teachers. There were strong reactions from all over the United States. President Trump visited Florida after the massacre, on Friday.

Thereflorida, us, rifles was a protest organised on Wednesday, by the students and voluntary groups, to demand stricter ‘Gun Control’ laws in order to prevent the incidents of indiscriminate firings in schools. In view of this, President Trump’s decision becomes important. Earlier, President Trump had previously opposed the provisions for ‘Gun Control’ and had supported the stance taken by the ‘National Rifle Association’. ‘National Rifle Association’ is the largest and the strongest association of the rifle manufacturers and the citizens who own rifles.

The US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, attended the program held at the White house on Tuesday. President Trump ordered Sessions to draft the regulations in line with the new ordinance. Trump also said that after the ‘Las Vegas’ massacre last year, the provisions for banning the ‘Bump Stocks Rifles’ were already in talks.

President Trump praised the new ordinance saying, “We need to bring about the real change. The obstacles and the long discussions should be a thing of the past. We should concentrate on the solutions based on evidence and useful safety measures. We must realise that the security agencies should be able to work easily for ours and our children’s safety.” President Trump has appealed in his tweet after the program that we should forget about the party differences and strengthen the process of ‘Background Checks’.

‘Bump Stock’ is a mechanism to be attached to a ‘Semiautomatic rifle’ to convert it into an automatic rifle capable of firing continuously like a machine gun. ‘Bump Stock Rifles’ were legally permitted, in Former President Barack Obama’s regime in the year 2010.