Russia-Pakistan to form joint military front against terrorism, declare Foreign Ministers of both countries

Moscow : The United States has acted against Pakistan by stopping the military and financial aid for harbouring terrorists responsible for sabotage in the neighbouring India and Afghanistan. It seems that Pakistan is receiving political support from Russia after the United States has turned its back. This fact came forward during Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja’s visit to Russia. A joint military commission of the two countries against terrorism was announced in the press conference addressed jointly by the Foreign Ministers of the two countries.


Form-joint-military-terrorismRussian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif expressed their concern over the increasing IS strength in Afghanistan. This dangerous terrorist organisation is increasing its foothold in the northern and eastern region of Afghanistan. This may pose a threat to Russia and South Asia. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Khwaja accused that in spite being aware of this, the United States and NATO forces deployed in the region have turned a blind eye to it. Russian Foreign Minister suspected the United States behind the proliferation of the IS, by raising a question, as to how helicopters with no symbol of any country can take flights  in the IS controlled area.

Russian Foreign Minister also criticised that the United States and NATO forces have completely failed to control Afghanistan. Whereas, the Pakistan Foreign Minister also added that the United States had made a historical mistake in Afghanistan. He accused the United States by questioning the growing number of IS terrorists in the presence of the US army in Afghanistan. Asif further said that the Russian Federation, China as well as Pakistan is at threat because of the IS in Afghanistan. At the same time,the United States is trying to cover up its own mistakes in Afghanistan by blaming Pakistan on the terrorism issue, said the Pakistan Foreign Minister.

In these circumstances, Russia and Pakistan announced a joint military commission to confront the IS in Afghanistan. The Foreign Ministers of both the countries claimed that this front will be important for the stability in the South Asian region as well as in Afghanistan. According to the experts, the co-operation between Russia and Pakistan and the deteriorating relations between the United States and Pakistan are not just a coincidence. The United States had taken the decision to stop all the military and financial aid to Pakistan saying that Pakistan was still supporting the terrorists in every respect. Likewise, the United States had also made all the preparations to include Pakistan in the ‘Watch List’ of the Financial Action Task Force. While US is taking this aggressive stand against Pakistan, Russia seem to have diverted from its traditional stance to save Pakistan.

It has been revealed, many a times that terrorists from the Pakistan supported Taliban and the Haqqani group were behind Afghanistan terror attacks. Inspite of knowing this, Russia is forming a joint front with Pakistan. Russia and Pakistan had started war exercises in 2016. Russia clarified that these exercises between the two countries will continue even in the future. The change in the stance of Russia, which once had stood firmly behind India criticising the pro-terrorism policies of Pakistan, proves significant.

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