European Parliamentary elections will see expulsion of the established leadership, hints Italy

Third World WarRome/Brussels: There is a possibility of a political earthquake in the European parliamentary elections slated for the next year and the European people will expel the established leadership in the elections, warned important leaders of the ruling coalition in Italy. The Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi De Maio warned that the rules will be changed after the European parliamentary elections and Italian Minister for Interior Matteo Salvini has warned that the nationalist groups will succeed in the elections.

Rightist and nationalist government has come into power in Italy last year and this government has strongly opposed the Union’s policies about immigrants and other economic issues. Italy being an influential member of the European Union, its opposition is creating trouble for the established leadership in the Union. President of the European Union, Jean Claude Juncker and other important leaders have consistently criticized Italy and have even warned of an action.

elections, italy, europeon parliamentary electionsBut the Italian rulers have continued implementation of their policies without paying heed to any pressures. Italian Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini has refused entry to new immigrants adopting a very aggressive stand. At the same time, the Italian Deputy Prime Minister has warned that Italy will be looking after the interests of the local population instead of following the Union’s policies about the finance budget.

It is evident from the statements that in the last 24 hours the Italian leaders seem to have made their position even more aggressive. ‘How can a Europe standing on bankers, immigrant influx and economic uncertainty dare to threaten the Italian population and the government?’ was the aggressive question raised by the Italian Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini. ‘The Union should take it easy, instead of rushing into it. Because the 500 million voters are about to expel them in the next six months and we will be forging forward,’ warned Salvini.

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi De Maio continued with the position taken by Salvini more aggressively indicating that there will be changes in the European parliament in the forthcoming elections. ‘There will be a political earthquake in Europe after the parliamentary elections and all the rules will change. This is evident from the results coming from all the European countries. It will be a repetition of the events in the last Italian elections,’ warned the Italian Deputy Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Salvini making his stance on the immigrant issue further more aggressive, refused to accept immigrants coming in from Germany. The Italian Minister of the Interior has warned that if Germany or the Union makes any efforts in this direction, Italy will close its airports for Germany.

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