More than 150 refugees evicted from Italy

Third World War

Rome: The Internal Security Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Salvini has supported the decision of evicting the refugees from the capital city of Italy, Rome. Salvini said,’ It becomes my responsibility to expel the refugees who are bringing the war in Italy. The process of eviction of refugees is being carried out in Rome, and in other countries like Baobab. Legality, security and order are being restored in Italy, once again.’’

refugees-evictOver the past three years, more than 6 lakh refugees have arrived in Italy and thousands of migrants have been living illegally. Due to these migrants, the locals have expressed rage and have demanded eviction of these refugees. However, considering the rise of dissatisfaction among the people, the new government of Italy has sped up the process of expelling the migrants by ordering the local government to take necessary steps. The internal security Minister Matteo Salvini has indicated that the action taken against the illegal migrants in Baobab was just the beginning.

The voluntary organizations near a railway platform had raised an illegal encampment named ‘Baobab.’ More than 150 refugees had been living in the illegal encampment. Similarly, on Wednesday the local government and the police had raided the refugee camps for two consecutive days to expel them. Earlier, temporary actions had been taken on Baobab Experience Association. Regardless, the action taken is inconclusive and it is said that the railway administration had started fencing the area.

A few months ago, the leading government’s with ‘right-wing nationalist ideology established in Italy has adopted an aggressive policy for the immigrants. While restraining the immigrants from arriving at the Italian ports, a direct ban on boats carrying them has been announced. At the same time, the Internal security Minister Salvini has alleged that the immigrants who arrived in Italy had become a business for the criminals and drug traffickers.

The Internal Security Minister had also given a shrewd warning that Italy would not be a part of such a (criminal and drug trafficking) business. Owing to this Italy had defiantly forced the European Union to change the immigration rules. In the last month, the Internal Security Minister Salvini had ordered to expel around 200 immigrants from a small town, Riace in Italy. On this background, the new action taken by the government has caught attention. 

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