Encounter between Turkish and Syrian armies, Syria asks Kurds to join its military in the conflict

Third World WarBeirut: The Russian military has succeeded in removing the Kurds from the Ras Al-Ayn region, near the Syria-Turkey border. But following this withdrawal, encounters have started, in the Ras Al-Ayn region, between the Syrian and Turkish military, since the last two days. The intensity of the conflict increased following the death of six Syrian soldiers. Turkey has claimed that it has complete rights to attack the Kurds in Syria. Whereas, the Syrian military has appealed to the Kurds led SDF, to join its forces, in the conflict against Turkey.

Russian Defence Minister, Sergei Shoigu, announced that all the terms of negotiations with Turkey, last week, have been fulfilled. The Kurds have been successfully removed from the territory demarcated by Turkey. Shoigu, while talking to the Russian media, said that there are no armed Kurds in the territory, where Turkey intends to build Safe Zone for the Syrian refugees. But the Kurds have not withdrawn completely from the region. Turkish President Erdogan said that some Kurdish terrorists are still hiding in the region.

Encounter between Turkish and Syrian armies, Syria asks Kurds to join its military in the conflictErdogan expressed doubts over the Russian announcement, saying that the ceasefire agreed with Russia was not successful. As per the information he had, still, there were Kurdish terrorists, hiding in ambush, near the Turkish border. Erdogan told his supporters that Turkey has full rights to attack these Kurds and the right will be exercised. Thereafter, the Turkish military attacked the Ras Al-Ayn region and gained control. The Syrian media reported this.

The Syrian media reported that these attacks were carried out by the Turkish military and Turkey affiliated armed groups. There were encounters between the Turkish and Syrian military for two consecutive days, on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Syrian military is retaliating against the Turkish military. But the Syrian military is suffering losses in the attacks of the Turkish military and its affiliated groups and 17 Syrian civilians also have been injured in the attacks. The Syrian rebels announced of taking Syrian soldiers into custody in the Tel Hawa region. Syria has started showering criticism against Turkey over the attacks on Ras Al-Ayn and arrest of the Syrian soldiers. Therefore, conflict seems to have started between Turkey and Syria; both Russia supported countries. The Syrian media claimed that this conflict would continue in the Ras Al-Ayn region, for a few days.

Meanwhile, the Syrian military has established communication with the Kurdish led, US supporter group, Syrian Democratic Front (SDF). The Syrian military has appealed to the SDF to join hands with the Syrian military, to finish IS and other terrorist organisations. Given the intense action initiated by Turkey against the Syrian Kurds, there is a strong possibility of the Kurds acceding to the Syrian military’s appeal. There are reports that probably, the cooperation has already started in certain parts of Syria.

US patrolling starts on the Syria-Turkey border, 900 US soldiers will stay in Syria

Beirut/Washington: The United States, firm on its decision for military deployment in Syria, despite severe criticism from Turkey, Iran and Russia has initiated patrolling on the Syria-Turkey border. The US soldiers patrolled in the Qahtaniyah region near the border with an armed Syrian Kurdish group. A US supporter Kurdish group published a report regarding this.

US patrolling starts on the Syria-Turkey border, 900 US soldiers will stay in SyriaThe New York Times, a leading US daily claimed that the United States has clarified its stand on the military deployment in Syria, with the patrolling at the Syria-Turkey border. At least 900 US soldiers are still in Syria. The newspaper said that the security of the US interests in Syria is in the hands of these US soldiers.

The United States has deployed nearly 500 soldiers in the oil-rich Deir ez-Zur region, for the security of the oil reserves. This is considered to be the most prominent US deployment in respect of the Deir ez-Zur region.


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