Egypt, Spain hold joint naval exercises in Red Sea – the second in a week

Cairo: – Egypt and Spain held successive naval exercises in seven days. The Egyptian defence ministry informed that these exercises were held in the Red Sea area. Egypt justified the consecutive practices saying that it is essential to strengthening the maritime cooperation between the two countries for peace and stability in the Red Sea region. Last week, Egypt and Spain’s navies held a passing exercise near the burning naval base, which is a part of the Sothern Fleet of the Egyptian navy. Destroyer Sharm El-Sheikh and Missile Boat June 18 of the Egyptian navy participated in the exercises. Spanish warship Castilla LPD from the Glacial class joined the activities. Egypt informed that maritime supply operations, communication drills and helicopter docking were practised during the exercises.  

Thereafter, on 20th February, one more joint naval exercise was held by the navies of Egypt and Spain. Destroyer Sharm El-Sheikh from Egypt and Spanish destroyer ESPS Reina Sofia participated in the activities. The Egyptian navy informed that these exercises also were held in the region under the Southern Egyptian fleet. Egypt claimed that these successive exercises were held to benefit from the vast experience and skill of the Spanish navy.  

Egypt’s successive joint naval exercises are considered to be a part of the efforts to stop the influence of Turkey, its main adversary. Last year, Turkey started moves to increase its power in the Red Sea region by increasing cooperation with Somalia and Sudan. Egypt has become restless with these developments and has opened a front with other countries to counter Turkey. Over the last year, Egypt too has started increasing military cooperation with Greece, the United Arab Emirates and Sudan. It is believed that increasing the extent of exercises with a major European country like Spain could strengthen military cooperation and the front with the allies. 

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