Will declare ‘Catalonia’ independent without Spain’s consent, warns Catalan Vice President

Madrid: If the Spanish Government tries to obstruct or suppress the referendum on Catalonia’s independence, then Catalonia’s regional government would unilaterally declare independence, warned Catalan Vice President. In January this year, the Catalan regional parliament had declared to hold a referendum once again. Accordingly, a referendum will be held prior to September 2017.

catalon-vice-presidentLast year after the outcome of ‘Brexit’, it has come to the fore that separatist movements were once again gaining support in Europe. No sooner did Britain step out of the European Union than Scotland that was a part of Britain, declare its second independence referendum. Meanwhile, the ‘Catalonia’ region in Spain also has started preparations for holding a referendum over its bid for independence.

Catalonia, which is known to be one of the richest provinces in Spain, has demanded independence due to its history of the negligence by the union government and the economic difficulties it has faced. A few years back, in a referendum that was held in the same regard, the citizens of Catalonia had voted in favour of an independent state. However, the outcome was rebuffed not only by the Spanish Government but also by the  Court.

Even so, Catalonia has once again started gearing up for a referendum. As Spanish government’s attempts to stop the referendum came to light, the Catalan government took to an aggressive stance. The Vice President of Catalan regional government, Oriol Junqueras warned in an interview that its government could declare the unilateral independence of Catalonia.

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