Rocket attacks near US embassy in Iraq

Baghdad/Washington: Two rocket attacks were launched in the Green Zone, portrayed to be the highest security zone in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. It is being claimed that the terrorists were trying to target the US embassy, as the rockets landed near the embassy. This is the third terror attack on US interests in Iraq, in the last week. It is being said that the Iran affiliated terrorist organisations are responsible for these attacks. But the United States has avoided blaming Iran for the attack.


Rocket attacks near US embassy in IraqAs per the information given by the Iraqi defence agency, two rockets landed in the green zone, on Monday evening. There were no casualties as the rockets landed at a deserted location. Some cars are claimed to have been damaged. No organisation has accepted responsibility of the attack. Before this, four rocket attacks had been carried out on the Balad airport on Saturday. One officer from a US security agency had been injured in the attack. Whereas, last week, five people got injured in the attack on the US base in Irbil.

Rocket attacks near US embassy in IraqAn Iran affiliated terrorist organisation had accepted the responsibility of the first attack in Irbil. But no organisation has accepted responsibility of the two attacks carried out in the last three weeks. The terrorists use Katyusha rockets in the Monday attack. These rockets are used by Iran affiliated terrorist organisations like Hezbollah and Kataib. Therefore, it is confirmed that the Iran-backed terrorist groups are behind the attack.

Rocket attacks near US embassy in IraqBut the US defence headquarters, Pentagon, has avoided making a direct accusation against Iran and its affiliated terrorist organisations. Pentagon spokesman, John Kirby, said that the intelligence agencies have not informed who is behind the attacks. Therefore, it will not be appropriate to accuse Iran regarding the attacks. Ned Price, the US State Department spokesman, reacted that if Iran is held directly responsible for the attacks, the terrorist organisations simmering with revenge will launch more attacks.

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