Doubts persist on Pakistan and ISI for their role in the Bangladesh terror attack

Dhaka, 5 July 2016 PTI – Pakistan’s inteligence Agency ‘ISI’ is involved in the Dhaka terror attack- this allegation was not made by the Indian media but by the responsible leaders of Bangladesh. This statement by Hasan Ul-Inu, Information Minister of Bangladesh, is a tight slap on Pakistan’s face.Pakistan’s foreign ministry in turn blamed Indian media that these allegations involving Pakistan are baseless and inflammatory.  Inu’s statement was in response to the Pakistani foreign ministry’s statement.


Hasanul Haq InuPakistani foreign ministry’s spokesman Nafees Zakaria strongly criticised Indian media. Indian media blamed ISI to be responsible for the terror attack in the capital of Bangladesh, which was vehemently objected by  Zakaria.  “These allegations are baseless and inflammatory,” said Zakaria, “and by doing this Indian media is showing how irresponsible it is.” At the same time, Pakistan is not responsible for this attack as per the official stand of Bangladesh government, which exposes the Indian media Zakaria said.

But within  24 hours of this statement made by Zakaria, response from the Bangladesh has come where in the Information Minister- Hasan Ul-Inu indicated by saying that as of now Pakistan can not be excused from the blame of terror attack on Dhaka. “Pakistan is still a suspect,”said Inu. Indian media’s allegations on Pakistan’s errant  Intelligence Agency ‘ISI’ for this attack are not baseless. Indian media is not the only agency alleging this, but responsible leaders from the Bangladeshi government are having similar suspicions, explained Inu.

“Not only this but we are well aware of the working of Pakistan’s ISI.  Pakistan’s ISI is trying to destabilize Bangladesh from the time Bangladesh became independent and these aspects can not be ignored,”said Inu.  “At the same time Bangladeshi Intelligence Agency  has exposed and proved that Pakistan’s diplomatic leaders are involved in spying and abetting terrorist activities. Bangladesh has strong evidence against Pakistan and ISI about spreading terrorism in Bangladesh,” reminded Inu.

Reviewing all these factors, investigations in the Dhaka terror attack are under progress and investigation agency  is dwelling on every single point, said Inu. Due to these explanations by Inu, doubts on ISI involvement in Dhaka terror attack are strong and definite. Meanwhile, Bangladesh Intelligence Agency is strongly investigating this terror attack and soon more information may come out.

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