200 terrorists waiting across LoC to infiltrate in Kashmir

Jahanagar/ Shrinagar. Date 5. (PTI) – Almost 200 terrorists waiting on Pakistan side across the Line of Control (LoC) to infiltrate into Jammu and Kashmir are finding it impossible to infiltrate Indiadue to Indian Army’s vigilance as stated by a senior army officer. In the meantime at Kupwararegion in Kashmir, a terrorist was killed in a military encounter causing injuries to one Indian soldier in this skirmish.

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Lt Gen RR Nimbhorkar, officer commanding of the 16 corps informed “that a large number of terrorists are waiting across the Line of Control (LoC) between India and Pakistan, to infiltrate into India; however it is difficult to say the correct number of these terrorists. However from inputs of various security agencies, we can put the figure at around 200 plus”

Lf Gen Nimbhorkar also added“There are various launching pads in Pakistan across the LoC, where terrorists wait in groups to infiltrate into India. Most of these infiltrators are shot in attempt to infiltrate and very few who manage to cross over get killed in the second and third tier security grid.”.

Answering to a question on the situation in Pir Panjal area,Lf Gen Nimbhorkar commented that as of now the area has been relatively peaceful on account of high-intensity operations in last few years by security forces to get the situation under control. Security forces are successfully avoiding any infiltration which is frustrating the terrorists. The recent attack on the CRPF bus was a manifestation of the frustration. The attack claimed lives of 8 CRPF soldiers and also killing two terrorists. Vigilance has been reported to have increased after the attack.

Replying to a query on plans to reduce the security forces in the region, Lf Gen Nimbhorkar said that the strength of deployment of security personnel  are decisions not taken overnight, but after proper deliberation and discussion. He added that “If peace has been restored in a certain region, it does not imply that the army deployment should be removed.

Asked if there could be an increase in militancy-related activities if the army was removed from certain areas, he said if police is withdrawn from a place, the crime rate would increase, likewise the militants are always on the lookout for a weakness and wherever militants find a weakness, they will act, they will try to launch an attack.

On Monday in an encounter at Kupwara between 21 national rifle soldiers and the terrorists, one terrorist was killed, while one soldier suffered minor injuries. Police authorities also confirmed that after this incident a mission has been undertaken to hunt for the hidden terrorists.

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  1. onkar wadekar   July 10, 2016 at 8:56 am

    God Please be with our Soldiers.At one hand Terrorist from Pakistan are eagerly waiting to enter into India and on other hand new challenge to Indian Arms forces in the form of fearless mob often pelting stones and hurling abuse, they attempt to distract security forces to help trapped rebels escape Army barricade. This is definitely a planned move. We are with you Indian Army and confident about you as well. Every time you made us proud. Jai Hind.


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