Indian retaliation on the economic level will cost very dearly to China, American columnist Gordon Chang

Washington: – US writer Gordon Chang claimed ‘Chinese President Xi Jinping is receiving severe jolts from around the world, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The Chinese economy is under threat because of this and President Jinping fears the loss of power. Therefore, President Jinping has started conflicts on multiple fronts like India, the United States, South China Sea, Kazakhstan and Eastern Europe due to these fears. The Indian military retaliation against China following the Ladakh attack is only justified. But along with this, India should deliver a jolt on the economic level to China because this economic retaliation will rock China severely. The defeat of Chinese President Xi Jinping on economic and political fronts will be beneficial for the entire world.’

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Chang said ‘Jinping has absolute control over China. Therefore, he cannot blame anyone else for Chinese failures. Therefore, it has become mandatory for him to achieve victory at least on one of the fronts. Jinping was planning to acquire Ladakh and announce it as his victory. The Chinese government mouthpieces had made all the preparations to portray a picture, in front of the Chinese people, that this action was being taken to reclaim Ladakh, which has been acquired by India. But the Jinping plans were foiled because of the Indian retaliation.’ Chang has apparently created a sensation by presenting an entirely different perspective of the India-China conflict.

Gordon Chang has given a frank advice ‘Henceforth, India should increase its deployment on the Chinese border and follow it up by delivering severe economic jolts to China. Because economic jolts will rock China severely. India should cancel all the agreements signed with Chinese companies. Should ban entry of the Huawei company into India and boycott all the Chinese products. This aggressive change in the Indian policies will make China respect India. Otherwise, China will continue to take bites of the Indian territories.’ Some Indians took an initiative to start ‘Boycott Chinese Products’ campaign following the tension on the Indo-Chinese border. The advice given by Gordon Chang completely justifies the Indian campaign against China.

The media had informed that the cowardly Chinese attack in the Galwan Valley, was a pre-planned conspiracy and the senior Chinese leadership had given orders for the attack. But Gordon Chang has cited that there is internal Chinese politics behind this attack. Now it is evident that the Chinese military and political leadership, who misjudged the Indian retaliation will have to face dire consequences of their actions.

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