40,000 cyberattacks in India from China, in just five days  

New Delhi: – In these five days since the attack by the Chinese soldiers in the Galwan Valley, there have been 40,000 cyberattacks in India. Origin of most of the attacks is said to be in China. Websites linked to the defence ministry, foreign ministry and information and broadcasting, ministry along with Indian telecom companies, pharmaceuticals, media houses and big companies from the infrastructure sector were targeted in these attacks. An enormous number of phishing emails also have been sent from China.   

Yadav, Inspector General of Maharashtra Cyber Intelligence Cell, has warned that more attacks are expected in the next few days. Yadav said that the Chinese hackers attempted intrusion in the Indian cyberspace more than 40,000 times in the last 4 to 5 days. Most of these attacks originated from Chengdu, the capital of Chinese Sichuan province. It is claimed that the Chinese cyber warfare wing is headquartered here. It is said that the groups Gothic Panda and Stone Panda, who were behind the attacks have links to the Chinese government.  

Inspector General of Maharashtra Cyber intelligence cell, Yadav, said that these attacks are carried out using the Distributed Denial of Service and Internet Highjack Protocol methods. But Yadav also clarified that the Indian agencies thwarted all these attacks launched by the Chinese hackers.  

The Chinese global image has been cracked, given the retaliation of the Indian soldiers against the Chinese betrayal. Therefore, China is trying to hide the loss of soldiers. The campaign to boycott Chinese products also has intensified in India. Contracts awarded to Chinese companies are also being cancelled. China seems to be panicking because of these developments. The Chinese cyberattacks are against this background.   

China is facing global opposition on the Coronavirus pandemic issue. Not only India, but even other countries like the United States, some European countries, Australia and Japan have taken steps to stop Chinese investments. This has made China further restless. After the dispute between China and Australia, similar cyberattacks are being carried out even in Australia. Australia had given a very sharp reaction against this. As per a report, China is launching such cyberattacks on all the countries in the Asia-Pacific region, having disputes with China. 

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