Cyclone to hit the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat by 3 June

Mumbai- The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) predicts that a cyclone may hit Maharashtra and Gujarat as a low-pressure belt has been created in the Arabian Sea. Last week, the Amphan cyclone had hit West Bengal and Odisha and now, again, the possibility of another cyclone is suspected.

Cyclone, Maharashtra, Gujarat

In just 24 hours, two cyclones have been created due to the low-pressure belt in the Arabian Sea. One of these cyclones will move from the African coast to Yemen via Oman in the next 72 hours. Whereas, the other cyclone will turn to India, forecasts the IMD. The IMD further informed that this cyclone would hit the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat.


Can the creation of low-pressure belt affect monsoon? There is no revelation about it yet. However, the IMD has said that the coastal regions of Mumbai and Gujarat will face heavy rains and wind by 3 June.

Meanwhile, the fisheries department immediately summoned the 455 fishing boats that had departed from Thane and Palghar to ensure safety as soon as the warning about cyclone was issued. The monsoon has arrived in Kerala and it is raining regularly in the South of India. Moreover, on Saturday, it drizzled in a few parts of North India, and in some of the places it even rained heavily. The pre-monsoon rainfall has occurred in the Konkan region and Kolhapur in Maharashtra.

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