Cyclone Amphan claims 82 lives

Kolkata: The cyclone Amphan has claimed 72 lives in West Bengal. This cyclone has caused massive destruction in West Bengal and Odisha, and the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) is working on a war footing for rescue operations. Bangladesh also has been severely hit by the cyclone, and 10 people have died in Bangladesh. Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured the people of West Bengal and Odisha that the entire country is standing with them and all possible aid will be provided to them. The Home Ministry also will send teams to assess the situation in West Bengal and Odisha.

The cyclone hit the West Bengal coast in the evening on Wednesday. Before that, more than 500,000 people had been moved to safer places. Still, the cyclone claimed 72 lives. Looking at the intensity of the cyclone, it is feared that the number of casualties will increase further. Thousands of houses have collapsed in the horrifying cyclone. The agricultural sector suffered immense losses. All the systems have collapsed. Kolkata airport was waterlogged after the cyclone. The state chief minister said that she has never witnessed such a horrifying cyclone. She also requested the union government to deploy additional units of NDRF in the state. Accordingly, four additional NDRF units have been despatched to West Bengal.

The NDRF is already posed with a huge challenge because of the Coronavirus pandemic. But, SN Pradhan, the Chief of NDRF, said that the rescue work is being carried out observing the limitations of social distancing and other criteria set for the pandemic. Before the onset of the cyclone, 200,000 people had already been moved to safer places in Odisha. Even in this state, the agricultural sector suffered immense losses. The weather bureau predicted that the things would return to normal in the next 24 to 48 hours.

The officials in the Odisha government said that a major disaster could be averted because of the timely warnings received from the weather bureau. They thanked the weather bureau for this purpose. Meanwhile, Bangladesh also has been severely hit by cyclone Amphan. There is major waterlogging in the Sundarbans area. Prediction of heavy to very heavy rainfall in the next few hours has been made for north-eastern India.

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