Corona cases cross 100,000 in the country

New Delhi: Coronavirus claimed 157 lives in the country today, and 5,242 new cases were reported. This took the number of cases reported, till Monday morning, to 96,169. It is clear that the number of cases in the country crossed 100,000 by Monday night. 51 deaths were reported from Maharashtra in the day, and there was an addition of 2,033 new cases of Coronavirus. This has taken the total number of Coronavirus cases in the state above 35,000. Against this background, the state government, while relaxing the lockdown rules in the green and orange zones, clarified that there would be no relaxation in the municipal areas declared as hotspots.


States of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh, along with the major cities in these states, have become Coronavirus hotspots. With the increase in the number of tests, the number of new cases also is increasing. The number of Coronavirus cases reached 70,000 on last Monday. Within a week, the number has crossed 100,000. More than 30,000 new cases have been added during this period. More than a hundred thousand tests are being conducted in the country daily. But at the same time, the number of patients recovering from the disease also is increasing. Till Sunday morning, 36,824 patients had recovered fully. Health department informed that the rate of recovery in the country had reached 38.29%

The situation in Maharashtra is the most worrisome. The number of cases is consistently rising, in the municipal areas of Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Aurangabad, Malegaon and Kalyan-Dombivali. In the last four days, 230 deaths have been reported from the state of Maharashtra, and 7,562 new cases have been reported. 2,033 new cases were reported on Monday. Mumbai, the most prominent hotspot in the country, reported 23 deaths and 1,185 new cases in the last 24 hours. The number of Coronavirus cases in Mumbai has crossed 21,000. The total number of deaths in the state reached 1,249. Out of these, 727 are from Mumbai. Till date, 1,273 policemen have contracted the disease and 602 out of these are from Mumbai.

Meanwhile, 35 lives were claimed in Gujarat on Monday, and 366 new cases were reported. 31 deaths, out of these, were in Ahmedabad and 263 new cases are also from there. Ahmedabad is becoming the second-largest hotspot after Mumbai. The number of Coronavirus cases has crossed 10,000, even in capital Delhi. 299 new cases were reported from Delhi on Monday. The incidence of death is lower in Delhi. Only 160 people have died in the pandemic in Delhi.

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