Israel and Arab nations initiate COVID-19 diplomacy

Tel Aviv- It has emerged that the Coronavirus pandemic is causing a great political upheaval as well. As the COVID pandemic hits these nations, the Arab Middle Eastern and Islamic countries, who refused to deal with Israel until this point, are now readily willing to co-operate with Israel. The Israeli medical officials have revealed this information. 

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Yoel Har-Even, the head of the international division at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv, Israel, revealed the information of demands that the hospital is receiving from the Arab-Islamic nations against the background of Coronavirus. In the last 70 days, the nations, which do not hold any political history with Israel, have inquired for aid against the Coronavirus. These countries include the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Indonesia. Moreover, countries that share a political alliance with Israel such as Jordan, Egypt and Azerbaijan even they demanded aid to stop the spread of Coronavirus. 

Last week, one of the UAE goods carrier aircraft landed in Israel, said Yoel in an interview. The UAE aircraft landed in Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport after obtaining medical aid for Palestinians from West Bank and the Gaza Strip. An Arab nation aircraft land in Israel is considered big news. Thus, following this incident, Yoel claims that the bilateral relations are on the verge of improving. Furthermore, the UN Ambassador to Israel, Danny Danon, welcomed the UAE aircraft. Besides, he also said that hereon, the Israeli passenger planes would also land in the Arab nations. Yoel also drew attention to the incident that occurred in the last month, wherein Israel had made efforts to rescue 74 UAE citizens, who were stuck in Morocco.

Meanwhile, as per the reports published in the Israeli media and government information, in March, Mossad, the chief Israeli intelligence agency had established co-operation with the Arab nations and provided about 1,00,000 PPE training kits. However, the Israeli government did not specify the names of these Arab nations. But, against the background of this pandemic, four of the six Arab nations are in touch with Israel, informed the Rabbi of US-based organisation, Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, Marc Schneier.

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