Military to purchase land in Jammu-Kashmir for cantonment

Srinagar: – The Indian military will be purchasing land in Jammu-Kashmir for a cantonment and the military has already submitted an application with the Baramulla district administration for the purpose. Article 370 awarding special rights to Jammu-Kashmir was abrogated in the month of august last year. In view of the special status and the Article 35A, any outsider was prohibited from buying property in Jammu-Kashmir. Even the military was not allowed to buy land for cantonments and bases. The state government was providing land to the military on lease basis. But with abrogation of Article 370, path was cleared for the military and industries to buy land in Kashmir. For the first time since then, the Indian military has submitted an application to buy land in Baramulla. 


The 19 Infantry Division Ordinance Unit of the Indian military has submitted a proposal for purchase of 129 Kanal (6.5 hectares/16.0618 Acres) of land at Kreeri high ground at Tapperwari, in Pattan area of the Baramulla district. The military has informed the district administration, through a letter, that if the administration is interested in selling the land, the military would like to purchases it. There is a temporary base of the 19 Infantry Division, in this area. This is the first time that the military has contacted the district administration for purchase of land.

Meanwhile, analysts claim that this decision, by the military, to purchase land will prove to be an important step. The military and other departments are using nearly 56,000 acres of land in the state. The military pays rent for the land, to the owners or the government. But this is the first instance that the military is proposing to purchase land.

The union government has started implementation of the new domicile act. Under this law, whoever has lived in Kashmir for employment or any other reason, for more than 15 years, will be awarded Jammu-Kashmir Domicile certificate. Pakistan was furious after this decision of the Indian government and in that, now these movements by the Indian military to purchase land in Jammu-Kashmir.

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