Iran will face dire consequences if it attacks the Israeli Golan Heights: Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Third World WarJerusalem: The Israeli military attacked locations of Iran, Hezbollah and other Iran affiliated organisations, in Syria for the second consecutive day. Accepting the responsibility of these attacks in the Homs province in Syria, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a stern warning to Iran. “If Iran and its allied groups attack Israel from behind the Syrian military, Iran will have to face dire consequences. Israel will never tolerate attacks on its Golan Heights,” Prime Minister Netanyahu warned. However, the United States has declared complete support to the Israeli action in Syria.

Rocket attacks were carried out on the Israeli Golan Heights from the Quneitra region in southern Syria. Following that, Israel carried out fierce attacks on four to six places in Quneitra destroying the military locations of Iran, Hezbollah and Iran allied groups. Seven soldiers from Iran and its allied groups were also killed in these attacks. Within a few hours of these attacks, Israel launched an attack, in the Homs province in Syria. Israel claimed to have targeted the locations of Iran and Hezbollah, 150 kilometres from the capital Damascus.

iran, israel, golan hillsTwo people were killed in the Israeli attacks on Homs. The Israeli military said that the Iranian arms depot, on the T-4 base, was once again, destroyed in the attack. This is the fourth Israeli attack on T-4, in the last one year. Israel has targeted the Iranian and Hezbollah locations, even before this. Following the attacks, Prime Minister Netanyahu threatened Iran and Iran allied groups, in no uncertain terms.

Netanyahu warned, “Israel will never ignore the attacks by Iran and its allied groups. If the Israeli security is threatened by attacks on the Golan Heights, Iran will have to face dire consequences. The Israeli action has demonstrated that Iran and its allied groups cannot be safe in Syria.”

A senior official in the Israel navy also has said that Israel was prepared for action against Iran and the allied groups. Iran, who is building a naval base in the Tartusport in Syria, can initiate attacks on Israel through the marine route. But Iran will not openly attack Israel. Predicting the possibility that Iran will use its armed groups planted in Syria, for this purpose, the Israeli official said that Israel navy was ready to retaliate against these Iran allies.

Meanwhile, even the United States has supported the Israeli action in Syria. The Trump administration declared its support to Israel saying, “There is a threat to Israel from Iran, Hezbollah and the Iran allied groups, who have formed bases in Syria. Therefore, the Israeli action against these group is justified.”

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