Maoists demand ceasefire

Bhubaneshwar: The Maoists from Odisha have offered a truce to the government as the Coronavirus has spread in the entire country. The

Maoists have said that because of the pandemic, they are proposing a ceasefire as it will facilitate the government agencies to provide medical aid to the people in the arduous regions which are under Maoist influence. But it is suspected that some of the Maoists have contracted Coronavirus and therefore, the Maoists are requesting a ceasefire under the pretext of the villagers.

The Maoists have demanded that a medical team be sent to these regions through an audio message and a handout. The medical team should be sent to the people living in the villages and inaccessible areas. The Maoists said that if the soldiers do not attack the Maoists, the Maoists also will not carry out any attacks. The Secretary of the Malkangiri-Koraput-Vishakha division of Maoists has made this demand. The audio message also claims that none of the Maoists has been infected with Coronavirus.

But doubts are being raised regarding the motive of the Maoists who attacked the soldiers from security forces only two weeks ago before asking for a ceasefire. The Maoists also seem to have panicked seeing the spread of the virus. A possibility that some of the Maoists may have contracted the infection is also being predicted. The Maoists are asking for help under the pretext of the villagers. Also, pressure may be mounting on the Maoists at the local level to stop the violence. Sundarraj P.T., Inspector General of Police at Bastar, stated that these could be the reasons for the Maoists for requesting a ceasefire.

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