Japanese PM announces ‘Emergency’  

Tokyo: – The Japanese government has declared an emergency because of the increasing spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that the emergency would be imposed only in Tokyo and six other provinces in Japan. The Prime Minister added that this emergency would prevail for a month. Japan also made an announcement of the aid of 108 trillion Yen (USD 990 billion) for the efforts to fight the pandemic. Coronavirus has claimed 93 lives in Japan, and the number of cases has crossed 4,000. Whereas, more than 1,200 new cases of Coronavirus have been reported from Tokyo alone. Thereafter, the Japanese government had indicated to impose emergency. Prime Minister Abe made the announcement on Tuesday. He expressed confidence that with this, it will be possible to win over the pandemic.  

Prime Minister Abe said ‘Emergency is not a lockdown. Citizens should stay at home during this period and stop their businesses. Public transport will be operational during this period.’ The Japanese citizens are showing solidarity similar to the one they showed during the earthquake and tsunami crisis. Abe has expressed satisfaction over this and is confident that Japan will come out of this crisis very soon. 

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