Confrontation with Iran will cost Israel and the US dearly, warns a senior Iranian Commander

Jerusalem/ Tehran : The nuclear treaty signed by the western powers with Iran is under threat and the United States has threatened to withdraw from the treaty. Discussions were on between France and Iran against this backdrop. A Kuwaiti daily had claimed that in case these talks fail, the United States and Israel will jointly attack the Iranian bases. There are reports that the United States and Israel have already started preparations for these attacks. A senior Iranian officer has threatened that if the United States and Israel attack Iran, it will be a very costly mistake for both these countries.

Major-General-Gholam-Ali-RashidDuring the Obama regime, the permanent members of the Security Council and the European Union had signed a nuclear deal with Iran in 2015. According to the deal, Iran had shown willingness to limit the enrichment of Uranium and in return the western countries had shown willingness to tone down the sanctions imposed against Iran. Israel had strongly criticised this nuclear deal. Whereas, Donald Trump had taken a negative stand about the agreement on becoming the US President. The Trump administration has accused Iran of not controlling the nuclear program having violated the agreement by manufacturing missiles and testing them.

This is the reason why the United States had threatened to withdraw from the treaty in spite of the fact that other participating nations are insistent about honouring it. The European countries are making all the possible efforts to try and save this deal. France initiated talks about the treaty with Iran a few days ago. The information whether these talks were successful or a failure has not been disclosed. But if the talks fail, the United States and Israel will jointly attack the Iranian bases in the Gulf, a Kuwaiti daily has claimed.

Referring to an US official, the daily ‘Al Jarida’ has warned that the failure of talks between France and Iran will be a calamity for the Gulf countries. ’Al Jarida’ has said in its report that the United States and Israel will attack especially Iraq, Syria and Lebanon where Iran in currently active. While the news is in discussion in the Gulf, a senior Iranian military official has given a strong reaction.

Senior military officer in the Iranian army, Major General Gholam Ali Rashid has threatened that a conflict against Iran will prove to be costly for the United States and Israel. Major General Rashid is in-charge of the Khatam-al Anbiya known as a very important ‘Military Operation Command’ in Iran.

Major General Rashid claimed, “Currently Iran’s regional strength has increased substantially and a conflict with Iran is unthinkable. If someone starts a conflict they will have to incur immense losses. Israel is completely aware of this fact and that is the reason why Israel has not taken any action against Iran till date.”

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