Conflict against the Libyan government in final stage, rebel leader General Khalifa Haftar

Third World WarTripoli: The rebel army led by General Khalifa Haftar, fighting against the combined government in Libya, is inching towards the Libyan capital of Tripoli. General Khalifa Haftar has warned that the decisive conflict has started for control over Tripoli. He also claimed that a Turkish drone was shot down by his army. But the European countries Germany, France and Italy have expressed concerns over the situation and have appealed to establish peace in Libya. Libyan military chief, General Haftar’s army is marching towards capital Tripoli and he is claimed to have gained control over major territory. The Libyan government rubbished this claim. The combined government claimed that the army loyal to the government is fighting General Haftar’s rebels very bravely. The current government has the support of the United Nations and it has been internationally recognised as the official government. But Khalifa Haftar and his supporters are saying that this picture will change very soon.

Conflict against the Libyan government in final stage, rebel leader General Khalifa HaftarA divide was created in Libya after NATO uprooted that regime of the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Thereafter, in 2016, a combined government was set up in Libya and the United Nations recognised this. But the Libyan military chief General Khalifa Haftar started a rebellion against this government. General Haftar’s rebellion is said to be supported by Russia. The United States has accused that Russian mercenaries are working with General Haftar.

Along with Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and to an extent, France, are supporting General Haftar. Turkey has come forward to save the incumbent government in Libya. The Haftar rebels claimed to have shot down a Turkish drone and have indicated that such actions will continue against Turkey. Whereas, Turkey also is indicating that it will jump into the fray of the Libyan conflict.

Therefore, claims are being made that there will be a fiercer conflict in Libya than the Syrian conflict. Although, General Haftar has announced a decisive war to take over Tripoli, participation by Turkey can prolong the war. Therefore, international observers are keenly following the developments in Libya.

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