10 Chinese scavengers deployed in space, claims Hongkong based newspapers

Third World WarWashington: The Chinese mouthpiece had criticised the anti-satellite missile test conducted by India, a month ago and had asked the international community to take a stance against the Indian test. At the same time, this mouthpiece was signing a tune of usage of space for peaceful purposes. But now a newspaper has published a report claiming that China has deployed ten scavengers in space, to target foreign satellites. This information was exposed by a senior official connected with the Chinese aerospace research while talking to the newspaper.

The talk was on, since the last few years that China, who is making rapid progress in technology, had developed small satellites with robotic arms. It was also being said that China, using these robotic arms on the satellites, can destroy or render useless, enemy satellites. It was being claimed that this Chinese weapon was less risky and extremely destructive. But China, always secretive about its defence exploits, had refused to divulge any information. But Jianjun Luo, joint Director of National Laboratory of Space Flight Dynamics Technology revealed important information regarding this while talking to a Hongkong based newspaper.

china, space, scavengers, satelliteIn the last ten years, China has launched multiple satellites. Some of these satellites are small and light and weigh about 22 pounds (10 kgs). These satellites are equipped with robotic arms and Luo claimed that these satellites are used for research. Luo said that at least 10 such satellites have been active as scavengers in space to clear the debris coming in the way of satellites. The concerned newspaper said that these satellites get mixed in the solid waste orbiting around the earth, making it difficult to spot them with other satellites.

Luo did not reveal the details of the campaigns undertaken by these satellites to date. But Luo indicated that these satellites can be of use even in defence purposes, along with research. All the other information regarding these scavenger satellites has been kept under wraps. Luo said that it will not be correct to reveal all the information. Therefore, the possibility of these Chinese scavengers becoming a threat to other countries’ satellites has become stronger.

Meanwhile, in 2007, China had created a sensation targeting one of its useless satellite. With this test, China issued a warning that it was ready for a space war. Saying that China has made rapid advances on this front, US President Trump announced the establishment of the Space Force. President Trump had been told that the Space Force will be working to ensure the security of the US satellites in space. At this juncture, the Chinese official has revealed the information regarding the Chinese scavenger satellites active in space.

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