Afghan airstrikes kill 150 Taliban terrorists, destroy 68 drug labs

Third World WarKabul: The Afghan agencies informed that the Afghan military air attacks in the Farah province killed 200 people, more than 150 of which were Taliban terrorists. About 68 drug labs under the Taliban’s control were also destroyed in the attack. The operation is considered to be a significant success for the Afghan military crackdown on drugs undertaken in the last few months.

taliban terrorists, drug labs, afghanCultivation, production of drug crops and the funds generated through its sale in the international markets is considered to be the primary source of revenue for the Taliban. The Taliban was generating revenues of more than a million dollars per day through this illegal cultivation and production of drug crops. Also, the security agencies underscored that it had a devastating effect on the Afghanistan economy and security. Therefore, the Afghan government had initiated action targeting the illicit drugs to dry up the Taliban source of revenue.

The Afghanistan Interior Ministry had received information that the Taliban had commenced 68 drug labs, in the Farah province, bordering Iran. Based on the details, the Afghan military launched fierce air strikes on the Taliban locations in the Bakwa district of the Farah province. At the time, more than 200 people were present at the sites while the attacks claimed the lives of more than 150 Taliban terrorists and injured 40.

The Afghan government has thus claimed that the attacks have delivered a significant blow to the Taliban.

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