Germany-Russia will bypass US Sanctions to complete ‘Nord Stream 2’ 

Berlin/Moscow: – Germany and Russia have found a loophole, to bypass the sanctions imposed by the US Trump administration, to complete the Nord Stream 2 Project. A German newspaper claimed that Germany has created independent funding for the project, to bypass the US sanctions. At the same time, reports are also being received that a ship with materials required for completion of the project has already reached the Baltic Sea. It is claimed that this increase in the German-Russian activities is given the change of guard in the United States.   

In view of the decade-long disputes with Ukraine and the conflict in 2014, Russia started exploring alternative routes, to supply fuel to the European countries. Nord Stream is an important part of this initiative and the first phase has been completed. This can supply 55 billion cubic metres of natural gas and it is planned to take this capacity to 110 billion cubic metres with the implementation of the Nord Stream 2. An agreement for the project has been signed between Germany and Russia and both the countries have started moves to take the project forward.  

But the United States has bitterly opposed this 1,230-kilometre pipeline project, connecting Siberia in Russia with Germany and other European countries. The United States is haunted by the fear that the European countries will become entirely dependent on Russia for fuel, with this pipeline, and this will pose a threat to the US interests in the region. Against this background, the United States imposed sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 Project and exerted pressure on Germany to stop the project.   

Following the US sanctions, Germany dropped the project halfway. But the change of guard is imminent in the United States and Joe Biden administration will be taking over the reins of the US government, in the next month. Germany believes that the US opposition to the project will subside after Biden becomes the President. The German newspaper claimed that relieved with these developments, Germany has found the loophole to bypass the US sanctions.   

As per the newspaper, Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig, of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state, in Germany, has made preparations to bypass the US sanctions by creating a Climate Protection Fund of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. It was reported that Schwesig plans to divert the money from this fund for the Nord Stream 2 project. Whereas, a Russian news agency claimed that Russian Gazprom and its European associates have collected 100% of the funds required for completion of the Nord Stream 2.   

At the same time, reports are also being received that Russia has started moves for completion of the pipeline in the marine sector. 

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