China upset over growing India-Taiwan ties

Beijing/New Delhi: – The discontent on the international level against China is increasing because of the Coronavirus spread and the expansionist activities in various parts of the world. As a result of this increasing discontent, many countries are aligning against China, forming an extensive front and increasing cooperation between them. Since some time now, India and Taiwan also are coming closer, and China is getting very restless with this growing cooperation. A few days ago, it was reported that India is preparing to hold trade talks with Taiwan. While expressing displeasure over this, China had warned that India should take an appropriate stand by keeping the ‘One China Principle’ in mind.  

There is tremendous tension on the India-China border since the Galwan Valley conflict in June, and there is a war-like situation. At the same time, China has made massive military deployments, even in the Taiwan region, and threats of invasion are consistently issued. Against the background of these aggressive Chinese activities, India and Taiwan, both, have initiated strong moves to reduce their dependence on China. As a part of the same initiative, Taiwan announced a new policy and the Taiwanese leaders informed that India has been awarded a special place in the policy. At the same time, on the other hand, India has taken a stand to welcome Taiwanese companies and has even indicted to have started preparations for trade talks. Only a few days ago, the Taiwanese National Day received an overwhelming response from India.   

China is upset because of this sequence of events and the closeness developing between India and Taiwan also seems to have offended China. The reminder of the ‘One China Principle’ by the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman while talking about India and Taiwan, is a part of the same sentiment. Chinese spokesman Zhao Lijian warned, ‘China is one, and Taiwan is an integral part of China. China is opposed to any country developing any diplomatic ties with Taiwan. China will not tolerate any official transactions or agreements of any kind, by any country, with Taiwan.’ The Chinese spokesman pointed out that the international community has accepted the One China Principle, and India also is a part of the agreement. Lijian advised that India should handle the Taiwan issue correctly and with discretion.   

At this time, China even criticised the meeting between the chief of the Tibetan government in exile and the US envoy. The Chinese spokesman clarified, ‘The Tibetan government in India is a separatist political organisation and is running behind a fake dream of Tibetan independence. This group, which is against the Chinese constitution, has not been recognised by anyone. The developments in Tibet are an internal Chinese matter.’ The United States has appointed senior diplomat Robert Destro as a special coordinator for Tibet. He met Dr Lobsang Sangay, the chief of the Tibetan Government in Exile, based in India.   

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