India lambasts China by mentioning former President of Taiwan as ‘Mister Democracy’

New Delhi/Taipei: India recorded its condolences on the death of former Taiwanese President saying, ‘Taipei Association of India expresses the deepest anguish over the death of Former Taiwanese President Dr Lee Teng-hui also known as the ‘Mister Democracy’, and we share the grief of the Taiwanese people.’ It is believed that India has retorted against China, with the mention of the Former Taiwanese President as ‘Mister Democracy’. Border tension between India and China is still reigning, and as per reports, China is making additional deployments on the border. Against this background, India complimenting the former Taiwanese President, known to be a staunch anti-China campaigner, becomes significant.

India lambasts China by mentioning former President of Taiwan as ‘Mister Democracy’Former Taiwanese President Dr Lee Teng-hui expired on Thursday, 30th July. Dr Lee Teng-hui led Taiwan during the years 1988 to 2000. He played an essential role in strengthening the Taiwanese democracy by awarding the right to the people of Taiwan to directly choose their President. Dr Lee Teng-hui took many decisions to decrease the influence of the Chinese communist regime in Taiwan during his tenure. It was during his rule that India started the diplomatic office by the name of Taipei Association of India in 1995.

Taking this background into account, India complimenting Dr Lee Teng-Hui as ‘Minster Democracy’ in the condolence message becomes important. India had avoided taking an open and active stance in the Taiwan issue. But India has become aggressive in the matters that are sensitive to China following the Coronavirus pandemic and the Chinese activities on the border. These include Taiwan, along with Tibet and Hong Kong.

India lambasts China by mentioning former President of Taiwan as ‘Mister Democracy’Two Indian parliamentarians attended the swearing-in ceremony of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen, virtually. There was an explicit mention of democracy and freedom in the Indian goodwill message given on this occasion. The condolence message sent on the death of Dr Lee Teng Hui also has the mention of Taiwanese democracy. This mention is considered to be a slap across the face of the autocratic Chinese regime, who is denying Taiwanese freedom and democracy. India has followed up the condolence message with an announcement to build a memorial for Dr Lee Teng Hui in the compound of the Indian diplomatic office. This becomes one more jolt to China.

Only last month, India selected Gauranglal Das, a senior and experienced diplomat, as the Ambassador for Taiwan. In the past, Das has served as a diplomat in China and the United States. This is the first time that such a senior official has been selected as an Ambassador to Taiwan.

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