India should lead Taiwan and Japan against China: demands anti-China Pro-democracy group

Toronto/New Delhi: – The group ‘Global Campaign for Democratic China’ demanded that India should form a front of the democratic countries like Taiwan and Japan, against China, and lead the front. A webinar of analysts and the victims of Chinese atrocities, from the minorities, was held recently. At this time, an appeal was made to the democratic countries and even the trade organisations of the world, to unite against China. The global front is becoming aggressive by the day and the increasing Indian influence in the front is making China restless.   

Two days ago, on the 1st of October, it was the Chinese National Day. Strong protests were held in, at least 50 cities from 25 countries, against the Chinese aggression and oppression. The protests had been organised in countries in North America to Asia to Europe. Of these, a youth carrying the Indian National flag during the protests in Hongkong created a media stir. The protestor announced this is the support for India, who is fighting aggressively against China. This incident revealed that India has become a hope for south-east Asian countries.   

The group ‘Global Campaign for Democratic China: Uniting against Chinese communist Party’s Repressive Regime’ opened a front against the Chinese oppressive and expansionist stance, by organising a webinar. It was criticised during the webinar that China has consistently used force, for several decades, against the Taiwanese, Tibetan, Uyghur, Mongolian and now the Hongkong people. The representatives and supporters of the Tibetan and Uyghurs accused that thousands of people, from minorities, have been killed during the actions, taken by the Chinese communist regime. The international community has delayed taking a stand against this oppressive and expansionist Chinese policy and the groups in China and the neighbouring countries of China are paying a heavy toll for this delay.   

In this scenario, India should bring the Asian countries like Taiwan and Japan, together, against the Chinese communist party and the regime of President Xi Jinping in China. It was appealed in the webinar that a responsible democratic country like India can play a significant role in the conflict, against the communist party of China. It is claimed that this is the first webinar against the communist party of China regime. An appeal to continue with protests on the global level, was also made during the webinar. 

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