China trying to create ‘salted’ nuclear bomb, claim international nuclear scientists

Beijing: China has started preparations to manufacture the ‘salted’ nuclear bombs, more destructive than the atom bomb. The international scientists have made this claim after China successfully tested the radioactive isotope of ‘tantalum’ last week. The international nuclear scientists are claiming that an attack with this ‘salted’ nuclear bomb can leave a large expanse of land inhabitable for humans for a number of decades.

salted-nuclear-bombThe Chinese R&D centre, ‘Chinese Academy of Sciences’ conducted a test in its ‘Lanzhou’ University, a research centre in the Gansu province. The Chinese scientists announced that they tested a radioactive isotope of the natural metal ‘Tantalum’. During this test, super heated beams of the radioactive isotope were fired. Chinese security agencies have said that the tests have been satisfactory from the military expectations point of view.

‘Tantalum’ is not used in making a nuclear bomb. A temperature of more than 3000 degrees Celsius is required to melt this natural metal. It consumes a lot of money and energy. But, Tantalum is included in the metals used in the manufacture of ‘salted’ nuclear bombs. This is the reason behind the international scientists claiming that China is making the ‘salted’ nuclear bomb.

As per the information given by the Chinese research facility, large quantities of tantalum were used in these tests. This caused the radiation of the electrically charged particles called ions of the acid, alkali and salts. The radiation of such charged ions causes any land to be rendered non-productive for an extensive period of time. At the same time, there can be a humongous loss of human life by the ‘salted’ nuclear bomb due to the inclusion of tantalum, ion and cobalt.

The nuclear scientists are claiming that the explosion of such a nuclear bomb creates radioactive isotope clouds in the surrounding area and even aircrafts cannot travel in the area.

Before this in the cold war era, the US and UK had tested bombs with tantalum and cobalt respectively. The US had tested a 30 kg ‘Dirty’ bomb using tantalum and Britain had tested a one kiloton bomb using cobalt in the 1950’s decade. But, both did not test any ‘salted’ bombs again. After so many years, for the first time, China has started making a salted nuclear bomb using the basic elements. Chinese agencies have avoided releasing any information other than the tantalum tests.

Meanwhile, Admiral Harry Harris, commander of the US Pacific Command, the ‘PACOM’ had warned a few hours ago that China is augmenting its military strength and it is a threat to the US security. The US navy is fully prepared to face any challenges posed by the Chinese armament. Still, US should not ignore the Chinese strength, warned Admiral Harris.

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