‘Will not let China dominate the Asian countries,’ warns Senior US official

Washington: ‘We will never allow the Chinese to succeed in their efforts to expel the United States from Asia. At the same time, we will not allow China to dominate the Asian countries,’ warned Senior US official, Susan Thornton. Issuing this warning while briefing the policy to the ‘Senate Foreign Relations Committee’, she also clarified that the United States wants a positive relationship with China.

china, ASEAN, us, donald trump‘If the international system where China has risen and its influence growing is to continue, then China must observe its rules and standards. China should have co-operative relations with countries nearby. Threatening or bullying the Asian countries will not be tolerated by the United States,’ warned Thornton, Acting Assistant Secretary for the ‘East Asian and Pacific Affairs’ taking an aggressive stance.

As per the ‘Indo-Pacific’ policy drafted under the leadership of US President Donald Trump, a decision to increase co-operation and partnership with the countries in the region has been made, assured Thornton. It also includes support to the legitimate trade and to promote ASEAN-centered regional architecture under ‘Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation’. At the time, the US officials also claimed it to be essential for the peace and security in the region.

Thornton clarified that the United States being the major power in the Pacific region will continue to be active for the success of the region. She also mentioned the important challenges faced by the Asia-Pacific region such as ‘Influence of authoritarian China’, ‘Threat from North Korea’ and ‘Terrorism and Extremism’. The aggressive stance adopted against China, by the official of the US Department of State’s Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs before the Senate, calls for attention.

Since the last few months, many senior US military officers and study groups in the United States are consistently warning about the increasing threat from China. Only two days ago, Harry Harris, the Commander of the ‘Pacific Command’ of the US navy had underlined the threat to the United States because of the Chinese ambitions. Harris had warned that China has been challenging the United States almost on all the fronts.

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