Despite opposition from Western countries China approves the controversial Cyber Security Act

Beijing : China has approved the controversial cyber security act, putting forth the reason of cyber attacks and terrorism. Having made difficult the entry for companies with foreign technology in China due to this new act, they have been imposed with restrictions upon information storage and security. Since this act has been imposed despite the expressed unhappiness of foreign companies operating in China, the industry has reacted sharply.


The Chinese Parliament approved the Cyber Security Act on Monday. Under the provisions of this act, it would be mandatory for foreign companies operating in China  to store  all the information in a server in China. Simultaneously all information about operations in China will have to be made available to Chinese agencies for any security reasons at all times. Controls have also been imposed on the participation of companies with foreign technology in technologically sensitive sectors in China.

it is claimed that due to the new act China will make the controls on internet even more stringent. However, Chinese members have claimed that this act was necessary for internet security. “Chinese internet has been linked to national security and development. China is a leading power in internet operations and therefore the threats in this sector have also increased. Therefore it was necessary to impose security controls”, With these words the Chinese parliamentarian Yang Hekin has defended the new act.

In the month of August, 40 active and leading companies in China had presented a detailed memorandum to the government about this act. But from the promulgation of the new act it is apparent that this memorandum was ignored. China had earlier imposed significant controls on use of internet and theses are known as the “Great Firewall of China”.

A few months ago, the Chinese government, citing security reasons, has started investigating the products manufactured by Apple, Microsoft and other leading companies of America. It was explained by the sources that this was being done to avoid the potential dangers to the national security and to the  citizens. Cyberspace Administration of China had started investigations into leading computer and technology companies. This also included officials linked to Chinese military and security. Officials working in American companies and technology companies are being investigated on various issues. So far it is known that companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Cisco have been subjected to investigations.

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