China publishes video of ‘Satellite Killer’ missile, considered a warning to US & alliance

Beijing : After warning South Korea on ‘Thaad’ deployment of US, China has published a video of the ‘Satellite Killer’ missile. Six years back the world was shaken when China tested this satellite. Very first time publishing video of the same, it is said that this is China’s warning to the US and the allied countries. The video is published at the time when the US security advisor is in China.

'Satellite Killer' missile

In 2010, China tested ‘Satellite Killer’ for the first time. By testing intercontinental ballistic missile China targeted its own unused satellite. Upon which the US and the European countries criticized China’s missile test. US also blamed that China is preparing for space war.

After that, in January 2013, China did the similar test again and this time the US blamed China by saying, our satellites are in danger because of this missile testing by China and China refused to publish information about these tests. Buton Tuesday, China’s government media hand, CCTV channel published this video of Satellite Killer missile.

This video includes the  launch of missile and targeting of satellite in space. China’s senior military officer Shu Chunyang gave a special quote at the end of this video stating, this is path forward by China for a war in the future. But except this, China has refused to give any information on this.

China published this video to warn the US who is stationing ‘THAAD’ Anti-Satellite Missile System in South Korea. THAAD deployment by the US in South Korea is against North Korea’s dangerous satellite testing, is what the US stated. And China warned that due to ‘THAAD’ deployment, there will be nuclear crisis and war will begin in Korea peninsula. Also China blamed US by saying, that US is creating situation like Cuban Missile crisis.

But even after China’s opposition,the US is firm on deployment of THAAD. On this background the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi once again tried to threaten South Korea. South Korea should think twice before deploying US THAAD in its country, is what China warned. Wang gave this warning in ASEAN summit which was held in LAOS. But South Korea is firm on THAAD deployment and has claimed that China’s point of view is wrong.

By that time US President Barak Obama’s Security Advisor Susan Rice is in China who met President Xi Jinping. During this visit both discussed enhancing defence cooperation. CCTV published the Satellite Killer video as a  warning to the US while Rice was in China.

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