China should not misjudge the Indian military preparations: Former Indian army chief

New Delhi: – Former Chief of Army Staff, General Ved Prakash Malik, warned China saying ‘Chinese People’s Liberation Army Should not underestimate the war preparedness of the Indian military. This is not 1962, it is 2020.’ The former Chief of Army staff and the current Minister for road transport and highways, General VK Singh, warned China that today’s India is very well aware of how to handle the situation. Against the background of Chinese infiltration into the Indian territory, this warning issued by the former army chief to China becomes significant. 

China has deployed thousands of soldiers in the Galwan valley and Pangong Lake regions and the number of soldiers is said to be nearly 5,000. India too, has deployed equal number of soldiers in the region and the armies are standing face to face. Although China has not used an aggressive language in this matter, so far, analysts claim that this is an attempt by China to pressurise India. The United States has taken a serious cognisance of the border dispute between India and China and President Trump has offered to mediate.

In this scenario, the former Indian army chiefs have issued stern warnings to China. Former army chief Ved Prakash Malik believes that today’s India is capable of a strong retaliation against China. Former Army Chief, General VK Singh pointed out to China that today’s India is different, as China is repeatedly reminding India of its defeat in the 1962 war. General VK Singh said “It is 2020 and not 1962. It is an entirely different India, in 2020.” Only a few days ago, the current Chief of Army Staff, General MM Naravane, visited Ladakh and assessed the war preparedness in the region. Thereafter, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Raj Nath Singh held a meeting with the Defence Chief and chiefs of the three defence forces. The Prime Minister and the Defence Minister gave an unequivocal assurance that there can be no compromise on the issue of sovereignty of the country.

Against this background, the significance of the warnings issued to China, by the former defence chiefs, increases tremendously. Former army chief passed a verdict that whatever the number of soldiers, China brings to the border, there is no possibility of a war between India and China, in the current scenario. China has failed to contain the Coronavirus pandemic and there is criticism showering from all around the globe. Also, there is discontent brewing in the Chinese population, regarding this. Both the former army chiefs predicted a thick possibility that therefore, in view of the situation, China may be using the border dispute to divert the attention of its population. Reports of India making preparations to take over Gilgit-Baltistan along with Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, had been published a few days ago. This has sent shockwaves down Pakistan’s spine and even China has become restless. Therefore, Pakistan is reacting more aggressively on the Indo-China border dispute, than China itself. But India has prepared itself, taking into account the formation of an alliance between Pakistan and China and therefore, the Indian analysts have passed a verdict that the pressure tactics employed by both these countries will have no effect on Indian policies.

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