Iran seizes South Korean merchant vessel

Dubai: – Iranian Revolutionary Guards seized a South Korean ship from the Strait of Hormuz on Monday. It is claimed that Iranian action comes against the background of the trade dispute with South Korea.   

iran-south-korea-4-janThe South Korean ship, Hankuk Chemi, which left from the Al-Jubail port in Saudi Arabia, was seized by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Photographs of the Iranian patrol vessels sailing alongside the South Korean ship have been published in the Iranian media. As per the information given by the Iran government news agency, this ship is currently docked in the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas.   

The South Korean Deputy Foreign Minister will soon be reaching Iran. An Iranian fund of USD 7 billion is frozen in the South Korean Banks, given the US sanctions. The South Korean leaders’ visit could be to discuss the same issue. Against this background, it is being said that Iran has taken the South Korean ship as a hostage. But the international media is pointing out that Iran had taken this action only after the US aircraft carrier USS Nimitz had reached the Persian Gulf.   

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