China hid information regarding Coronavirus from the world, alleges researcher from Hong Kong  

Washington: – Dr Li Meng Yan, a researcher from the Hong Kong University, has created a sensation with the revelation that China was fully aware that Coronavirus is transmitted through human contact. Many lives could have been saved if this information was revealed. But China did not disclose this information. She stated that it would be a threat to her life if she had opened her mouth, in front of the Chinese or Hong Kong media, because she knew how the Chinese communist rulers deal with people who speak the truth. Therefore, she fled to the United States to reveal the truth. Dr Li, who has taken refuge in the United States for the last two months, explained all this information while talking to a US news channel.   


Dr Li, born in the Qingdao city of China and working as a researcher in the School of Public Health in Hong Kong since the last few years, accused China of hiding facts regarding the Coronavirus while talking to the US news channel Fox News. Dr Li said that along with the Chinese government, the senior medical officials and researchers were aware of the main causes for the spread of this pandemic. She had submitted my report warning about the epidemic to her superiors in the first week of January. But the superiors chose to ignore the research and asked her to keep quiet in the matter.  

Dr Li informed that some doctor friends from China helped her in this research on Coronavirus. These doctor friends were the ones who informed her that the virus is transmitted through human contact. But these friends had requested her not to reveal their names. A few of these doctor friends were arrested in a few days, and some went missing. My superiors at the Hong Kong university warned me not to cross the red line. This was nothing but a warning issued by her superiors, not to name the Chinese government, anywhere. Being fully aware as to what happens to the people speaking the truth against the Chinese government, how they are oppressed and how they disappear, she fled to the United States.  

Dr Li added that China is trying to malign her image after taking refuge in the United States. All her research in Hong Kong University is being destroyed, and her website is being attacked. The Chinese government is also harassing her parents in Qingdao. They are being pressurised to force her to return to China. But if she returns to China, she will not be alive. No person has survived after exposing the truth regarding China to the world.  

Meanwhile, the Chinese government and the Hong Kong University has dismissed the allegations made by Dr Li. But Dr Li Meng Yan is not the first to accuse China of hiding information regarding Coronavirus and many doctors, researchers, writers and human right activists have made similar allegations. Some of these people have mysteriously disappeared, and therefore it is being claimed that no one is daring to expose the real Chinese truth regarding Coronavirus. 

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