China will have to pay the price for Coronavirus, warns US Secretary of State  

Washington: – US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, warned ‘The information hidden by China regarding Coronavirus has resulted in immense financial and human life losses in the United States. The Chinese communist party will have to compensate for these losses.’ Pompeo gave a clear indication that this price will be on economic and trade level. Like the United States, there are chances that other countries who have suffered immense losses, can blame China for the damages and claim huge compensations from China. Such indications have already been received from the United Kingdom, Japan and Australia.  


US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, once again accused that China was entirely responsible for pushing the world into the  Coronavirus crisis. Pompeo launched a scathing attack by saying, ‘Chinese communist party and the World Health Organisation hid the information from the world. The world is still in the dark regarding the origin of the pandemic and this is a major cause of concern.’ Pompeo accused that China did not reveal any information till nearly a month and the Chinese citizens spread the virus around the world.  

Pompeo stated that ‘China will have to suffer the consequences of the losses suffered by the United States. China will have to pay the price for human as well as financial losses, suffered by the United States, once the United States has had a complete recovery from the pandemic. Care will be taken, henceforth, that the United States will not depend on the manufacture of medicines and other items on China.’ Pompeo gave a clear indication that the trade cooperation with China will not be the same again.  

While the Coronavirus pandemic is on a rampage in the United States, US President Donald Trump, Secretary of State Pompeo and other Congressmen are consistently warning that China will have to face the consequences for the pandemic. The United States has suffered more human and economic losses than war could have caused. The situation in the US allies like the United Kingdom, France and Germany also is not too different. Japan and Australia are expressing the suspicion of Chinese conspiracy behind Coronavirus pandemic in different words.  

Analysts are claiming that soon, all these countries will unite to form a strong political front against China and will not stop short of recovering an astronomical compensation from China. The analysts also claimed that if China refused to accept the demands of these countries, a conflict is imminent, and it will start on various levels. 

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