Best time for US and Russia to come together: US President Donald Trump  

Washington/Moscow: – US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, held a telephonic discussion, against the background of the Coronavirus pandemic. The reactions received from both the countries indicate that this was not any routine discussion and it had enormous political and strategic significance. US President Trump said that this is the best time to increase cooperation with Russia. Whereas, Russia has made a suggestive statement that the United States and Russia had allied against a common enemy, during the second world war. The reference to the alliance formed between the United States and Russia during the second world war becomes significant at a time, when the United States has made all the preparations to teach China a lesson, accusing China of being responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic.  

The Nazi soldiers had surrendered in front of the allied forces. Victory Day is celebrated in Russia to commemorate this triumph. On this occasion, Russian President Vladimir Putin held telephonic discussions with the heads of state of the United States, France and other countries. However, the details of the talks have not been revealed. But US President Trump informed that bilateral cooperation, Coronavirus and missile cooperation agreement, featured in the discussions. ‘President Trump clarified ‘Both the United States and Russia are global powers and an alliance must be forged between these two countries. But the false accusations of Russian involvement, in the 2016 US Presidential elections, compromised the US-Russia relations to a great extent. But now, the truth is being revealed and this is the best time for the United States and Russia to come together.’  

US President Trump has adopted an aggressive stance against China, over the Coronavirus issue. President Trump has accused that the origin of the pandemic is from China. In the initial stages of the pandemic, Russia had been on the Chinese side, when there was criticism at the international level against China. But of late Russia has not supported China. The change of stance was seen after Russia started suffering losses because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Russia has not openly accused China for the pandemic. But the researchers linked to the Russian government have claimed that the origin of the pandemic is from Wuhan laboratory, in China.   

The discussions between the Presidents of Russia and the United States, at such a crucial juncture, become significant. The announcement made by the US President that this is the right time for the United States and Russia to come together is indicating differently. Whereas the reference made by Kremlin to the US and Russian unity, against a common enemy during the second world war, also is very suggestive. Kremlin claimed that an alliance between Russia and the United States will bring military stability and at the same time, it will make it easier to resolve the crisis of terrorism, regional conflicts and the pandemic.  

Meanwhile, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Australia are castigating China with the demand for an inquiry into the Coronavirus pandemic. Talks are rife on the international level that these countries are preparing to recover an astronomical compensation from China. In this situation, the Russian stand becomes vital. China will be struck, even if Russia does not join the front and decides to remain neutral. Now. In this scenario, the Russian leadership seems to have increased the Chinese worries, by indicating to cooperate with the United States. 

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