Austrian troops to stop migrants crossing border with Italy

Rome/Vienna  : Austrian Defense Minister has given indications to deploy army in the ‘Brenner Pass’ area along the Italy-Austria border. This decision is taken to prevent the flux of migrants coming from Italy, as claimed by Austrian Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil. Severe response is coming from Italy over this decision by Austria, and Italy has indicated that this can have an adverse effect on the security co-operations between the two nations. In last six months, around 85,000 migrants have arrived in Italy and if other nations do not cooperate, the boats of migrants will be stopped, as warned by Italy.

‘The European Union is not taking sufficient measures to stop the influx of migrants. In this situation we are forced to take action ourselves. If the Union collectively fails to come up with a solution, then we will be forced to implement a concrete plan at national level’, in these words exhorted Austrian Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil. At the same time, if the influx of migrants arriving in Italy from the Mediterranean Sea is not reduced, army will be deployed in the ‘Brenner Pass’ area near the border, as indicated by Doskozil.

Earlier armed vehicles have been sent to the Boundary Line linked with Italy, and 750 soldiers are ready for deployment, as said by the Defense Minister. Earlier Austria had deployed additional security at the borders of Hungary and Slovenia to restrict the migrants. It is revealed that in the duration of last two years including 2015 and 2016, more than 1 lakh migrants have entered Austria. However, in the year 2017, it is decided to set the migrants acceptance limit to only 35,000 refugees and to prevent additional migrants aggressive steps like military deployment have been taken.

It is believed that the main reason behind Austrian Defense Minister’s decision is the upcoming elections in the month of October this year. As per the indications received, the influx of migrants and their residence is becoming the main agenda of these elections. It has been seen that the support is increasing for the right activists groups like ‘Freedom Party’ who are opposing the migrants. Therefore, it is claimed that in the background of elections to show that the government is taking aggressive steps, decisions like military deployment have been undertaken.

However, Italy has seen to be taken Austria’s decision seriously. In a severe response to Austrian Defense Minister’s statement, Italy has straight away summoned Austrian Ambassador. While expressing surprise over Austria’s decision, Italian Minister of Interior has also given indications of severe consequences.

‘There is not any kind of emergency situation arisen in the Brenner Pass region. Yet in this situation the statement by Austrian Defense Minister is surprising. This kind of deployment is an unfair and phenomenal event. If no improvement is made in this stand, then this can have an adverse effect on the security co-operations between the two nations’, as indicated by Minister of Interior Marco Minniti.

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