British troops to get ‘Anthrax’ vaccine in preparation for chemical warfare: UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson

London: UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson informed that the British troops deputed abroad will be given a special vaccine as they may have to face biological or chemical attacks. This includes the vaccine against ‘Anthrax’, the commonly used bacteria in biological warfare. This decision was taken in view of the recent chemical attack carried out in Britain, said the Defence Secretary.

anthrax vaccine, uk, britain, russia, chemical war, third world warHe warned that the British soldiers posted abroad may most likely face a chemical or biological war. Therefore, these soldiers will be vaccinated against the ‘Anthrax’ virus which will protect them against both the biological and chemical attacks, claimed Defence Minister Williamson.

Britain is standing at a critical juncture in history and it is time to take important decisions as a country. It will have to be decided whether to sit back and face the sequence of events that occur or move ahead with firm decisions. The whole world’s attention is focused upon us as the Brexit process is on. Enemies are watching this more keenly than the partners’, said Williamson. Under such circumstances, the opponents of Britain will try to take advantage of the current situation, warned the Defence Minister.

Defence Minister Williamson also claimed that the Russian threat to the British people has become clear from the Salisbury incident. This calls for an increased defence expenditure and Britain’s capacity to give a fitting reply to Russia is being assessed.

Meanwhile, the UK has decided to send two of its advanced destroyers to participate in the military exercises organised by NATO, to face the Russian aggression. The officers have informed that these destroyers have been sent to Italy for the exercises.

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