China warns India about border conflicts leading to war

Beijing : China warned that it would forthrightly take necessary steps to safeguard its borders and sovereignty and if need be, is ready to wage a war against India. ‘Global Times’, the mouthpiece of Chinese government, mentioned that if the ongoing border conflict is not handled systematically then it could spark a war. China has also cautioned that, as India is not how it used to be in the year 1962; even China is different in the year 2017. China has accused India’s activity on the border, terming it as ‘betrayal’.

The Chinese soldiers had intruded the Doko La area on 6th June and had destroyed 2 Indian bunkers in the Chumbi Valley region which unites the borders of India, Bhutan and China. A big conflict had arisen post the Indian soldiers stopping these intruders. While claiming rights on this ground, China has accused Indian soldiers of stopping the construction of the road in this region. Whereas Bhutan clarified that this land belongs to them and that China has intruded it. Post the India-China war in 1962, for the first time such tension has been generated on the borders of both the countries for such a long period. Against the backdrop of this tension, China is daily responding fiercely and amidst all this on Monday, India received the threat of a war from the Chinese government mouthpiece.

In an article in the ‘Global Times’, the Chinese experts have said that China would take strong steps to safeguard its sovereignty in the conflict generated on the Indian border. Four days ago, while trying to instigate India, the Chinese Foreign ministry spokesperson Lu Kang had reminded India of the consequences of the 1962 war between India-China. While responding to this, the Indian Defense Minister, Arun Jaitley had retaliated that there is a difference between the India of the year 1962 and the India of 2017.

In retaliation to Indian Defense Minister Arun Jaitley’s comments, Wang Dehua, a professor at the ‘Shanghai Municipal Center for International Studies’ said in an article in the ‘Global Times’ that India should keep in mind that if India is different from what it was in 1962 then the same applies to China too. Wang has also claimed the possibility of a war if the current conflict generated with India is not handled properly.

Zhao Gancheng, director of the ‘Shanghai Municipal Centre For International Studies’ for Asia-Pacific region has indicated that in the conflict between the two countries,a third party would be benefitted pointingat the US. Gancheng also said that regions near the Chinese border, India is building an ‘All Weather Road’ which would allow India to get its army on the border in less amount of time. He has also accused India of competing with China in terms of defense preparedness.

The ‘Global Times’ has accused India of impressing the US President, Donald Trump by stopping the road construction on the Sikkim border. Prior to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s US visit, the Indian soldiers had intruded and stopped the Chinese road construction. Chinese analyst Livu Zongayi said that the arms treaty signed between both the countries has been made keeping in mind China’s growing influence in the Asia Pacific region. Prior to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US visit, India imposed anti-dumping duty on Chinese goods. Zongayi claimed that India did all of this to gain support from the US.

Meanwhile, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang accused India’s activity on the border as ‘betrayal’. As per the agreement made between China and the British in 1890, the Doko La area belongs to China. After the British left, the Indian government in power had granted approval to this agreement. Geng Shuang said that India should reinvestigate this agreement and should retreat its army. Also, China has no objection towards the bilateral relations between India and Bhutan. However, Shuang accused that by citing Bhutan’s reason, India was encroaching the Chinese land. He also claimed that this attempt of India would fail.

Post the conflict generated on the Sikkim border we have recorded our objections with India in stern words and we are in a discussion with India on a political level, said Geng Shuang.

Amidst China’s Foreign Ministry claiming of an ongoing discussion, the mouthpiece of Chinese government, ‘Global Times’ has reported signs of a war. Such warnings are being given to increase the pressure on India. However, ignoring the threats from China, India has emphatically faced the aggressiveness of China on the Sikkim border. By increasing the army deployment near the Sikkim border, India has given clear indication that it is not going to bow down to Chinese pressure.

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