Arab league opposes Turkish interference in Libya

Third World WarCairo/Tripoli/Ankara: The Arab League called for efforts to prevent foreign interference in the Libyan civil war. This seems to be the Arab League’s reaction to the Turkish decision to deploy the military in Libya. In contrast, the Sarraj government in Libya also has criticised the stand taken by the Arab League.  

Since the last few months, it has been observed that two groups have been formed in the Arab and European countries once again, against the background of the civil war in Libya. A discussion was held regarding the Libyan conflict and the Turkish participation in the conflict, during the Arab League meeting held in the Egyptian capital of Cairo, on Monday wherein, Saudi and the other Arab countries bitterly opposed Turkish interference in Libya.   

The situation in Libya is dire, and the members of the Arab League agreed that all the countries should strive to stop the Turkish interference in Libya. But it was not clear as to what stand the Arab League will take to stop Turkey. But it has already been exposed that Saudi Arabia and other allies have been helping Libyan rebel General Haftar. While countries like Iran and Turkey assist the Libyan government, Arab countries under the leadership of Saudi Arabia stand behind the rebels.  

Against this background, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that he will be fulfilling all the promises made to the Libyan government before the Arab League could take any stand. Libya and Turkey have a military treaty in place. According to this treaty, Turkey can provide military assistance to Libya and can also deploy its army in Libya. The Turkish President announced that the agreement would be implemented soon.  

Libyan Prime Minister Sarraj welcomed the decision taken by President Erdogan. At the same time, he severely criticised the decision of the Arab League to oppose Turkish interference. Nevertheless, Prime Minister Sarraj accused the Arab League of applying double standards to Turkey.  

Meanwhile, there are differences of opinions among the European countries over the decision of Turkish President Erdogan. Countries like Cyprus and Greece have opposed the naval cooperation between Libya and Turkey, whereas France has not taken any firm stand on the issue. 

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