30 killed in an encounter between Libyan military and rebels

Third World War

Tripoli: 30 people have been killed and more than 100 injured, in the clash between the Libyan military and the Haftar rebels. The Libyan army said that this clash was to gain control over capital Tripoli and the surrounding regions. To end this long year conflict, the United Nations presented a proposal in front of the Libyan government and the Haftar rebels. However, the Haftar rebels have taken an adamant stand that no talks would be conducted unless the Seraj government in Libya is dismantled.

Libyan-militaryThe Libyan rebels led by General Khalifa Haftar have once again forged ahead to gain control over capital Tripoli. The Libyan military informed that the ‘Camp 47’ military base and cement factory, has been on target for the rebels. The Libyan military carried out strong actions to foil these rebel attempts. The military claimed to have expelled the rebels from Sabia and Souq Al-Khamis Imsahel, along with capital Tripoli.

Thirty rebels were killed, and 100 were injured in the Libyan military action, and the injured have been taken into custody, Libyan military informed. This is supposedly the biggest jolt to the Haftar rebels, who have been fighting for the last few months, to maintain a foothold on Tripoli. Infuriated by this, the insurgents launched attacks on armoured vehicles of the Libyan military at Wadi Rabia. The rebels claimed that the Libyan army had suffered casualties in the attack.

From Saturday, the conflict between the Libyan military and the rebels has intensified further. A few hours before the conflict, the United Nations had proposed ceasefire to both the factions. The United Nations appealed that the Libyan government and the rebels should accept a ceasefire for the benefit of the Libyan people. But the Libyan rebels have dismissed the proposal.

The rebels rejected the United Nations proposal saying, “The conflict for Tripoli has reached the last phase, and when the bullets are being fired, there is no scope for political negotiations. The time for talks has passed long ago. Military action is the only option if peace and stability have to return to Libya.”

Meanwhile, 1,200 people have been killed, and more than 1.2 million have been displaced because of the conflict between the government and the rebel forces, ongoing since the last few months. Nevertheless, Turkey and Iran have been supporting the Seraj government in Libya, whereas, Russia and the United Arab Emirates have been lending support to the Haftar rebels. Therefore, the melee for the Libyan capital of Tripoli has the background of hostility between the fronts supporting the factions.

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