Anyone can communicate with Jesus at any time; Supreme Christian leader Pope Francis

Third World War

Rome: Pope Francis, the Supreme Christian religious leader, delivered a very moving message ‘All of us can ‘call’ Jesus any time we want. We are connected directly to him. He is willing to listen to everything that we want to say. Because he is very close to us and willing to help.’ Revered Pope Francis, delivered this message while talking to the devotees, before the Sunday mass, in Rome.

Pope-FrancisPope Francis was talking to the devotees in a church, before the Sunday mass. Saying ‘We all have Jesus’s mobile number. We all can connect to him. He always welcomes us with love. He is listening to us all the time, and he is very close to us. This means it is very easy to find him, Jesus is always with us, he is watching us and loving us. He knows everything, and he understands us.’ Pope Francis appealed to the devotees to connect directly with Jesus.

Pope Francis appealed ‘Present whatever you genuinely feel, in front of Jesus, without pretending anything. Express even the doubts and fears.’ Pope Francis delivered a message to the devotees to continue to communicate with Jesus saying ‘Not only this; you shouldn’t stop talking to Jesus even when you are angry with him. Because getting angry with Jesus can be a kind of praying. Jesus is always calm and keeps listening to us calmly.’

One of the devotees posed a question in front of the Pope ‘My grandfather had told me that the Pope could communicate with the saints, who lived 2,000 years ago.’ Speaking on this, Pope Francis said that he did not have the numbers of Saint Peter and other saints, but he had Jesus’s mobile number. Pope replied to the person, who posed the question, saying that all of us have the mobile number to contact Jesus.

Pope Francis, even in the past, had delivered the message to all the devotees to choose God over evil and have complete faith in him. Pope Francis had also said that no matter how hard the path of God may seem, don’t leave it; whatever hardships you face, God will always be with you. Pope Francis had said that therefore, you should always tread God’s path, with complete faith.

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