IAF ready to destroy terrorist bases in POK, warns IAF chief

New Delhi: The Indian Air Force (IAF) is fully prepared to destroy the terrorist bases in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK). IAF Chief, Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria, issued a stern warning that the possibility of Indian attacks on the terrorist bases in POK has caused panic in the Pakistan camp, and the fears are not misplaced. At the same time, the IAF Chief said that 450 more fighter jets would be added to the IAF fleet shortly.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is making a fuss, consistently, that India is preparing to attack Pakistan creating a pretext with a feigned terror attack. Imran Khan has initiated a malicious campaign against India by addressing the international community through his social media posts. The Pakistan media are supporting his campaign. But the Pakistan military is still engaged in firing and shelling at the Indo-Pak border, trying very hard to sneak terrorists into India. Therefore, it appears to be Pakistan’s plot to carry out an attack in India and make a fuss that it was a fake attack perpetrated by India itself.

The IAF Chief clarified that India would not fall prey to this Pakistani pressure tactic. The IAF Chief issued a stern warning by stating that Pakistan has to fear that India will attack the terrorist bases in POK, even if a single terror attack is carried out in India. If Pakistan wishes to get rid of the fear that India will launch an attack, it has to stop sponsoring the terrorist activities. IAF Chief Bhadauria reprimanded Pakistan asserting that the IAF was fully prepared for such an action.

It has been observed since the last few weeks that Chinese helicopters and military is making attempts of intrusion into the Indian territory. While speaking about the incidents, the IAF Chief said that there was nothing new in this. Intrusion attempts have been made even in the past. The IAF Chief reminded that India had taken serious cognisance at those time and taken necessary actions. The Indian fighter jets chased away the Chinese helicopter after being alerted of the intrusion. Therefore, even if the IAF Chief is not giving too much significance to the Chinese intrusion attempts, indications are that the defence forces are taking serious cognisance of the Chinese intrusion.

Meanwhile, the IAF Chief informed that there would be an addition to 450 fighter jets in the IAF fleet. Out of these, 36 will be Rafael, and 114 will be multirole fighter jets. These fighter jets will be deployed on the northern and western borders of the country. Bhadauria said that whenever the Naval fighter jets are not deployed in the sea, they will perform duties with the IAF fleet.

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