Pakistani protestors should not cross the LoC, appeals Imran Khan

Islamabad: The Pakistan Prime Minister had threatened that on one appeal, the people from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK), will cross the Line of Control (LoC) and challenge India. Within only a few days of this announcement, the Pakistan Prime Minister is frantically trying to dissuade people from moving towards the LoC. Imran Khan warned the protesters not to cross th LoC, saying anyone crossing it to provide humanitarian aid or support for Kashmiris will play into the hands of the Indian narrative.

Pakistani protestors should not cross the LOC, appeals Imran KhanThe PoK branch of the terrorist organisation Jammu-Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) announced a rally marching towards the LoC. But the Indian military chief warned that if Pakistan did not respect the LoC, India will not hesitate to cross the limits of the LoC. In a report released by the Indian Airforce, a detailed description of the Balakot attacks was published. Both these developments were enough to deliver the ‘Right’ message to Pakistan. Therefore, Pakistan tightened security arrangements, to stop the JKLF rally from reaching the LoC.

Imran Khan has advised the participants of the rally to LoC, not to venture near the LoC, as there is a strong possibility of an action by the Indian military. He said he could understand their outburst, but if they try to cross the LoC, it will only benefit India. The Indian military might launch an attack under this pretext. A few days ago, Imran Khan had incited people to participate in the rally marching towards the LoC, while addressing a meeting. The, Imran khan had asked them to cross the LoC whenever he tells. The opposition leaders had warned at that time itself that it would prove dangerous. The opposition leaders had reprimanded Imran Khan, “It is very easy to incite people in this manner, but it becomes impossible to control them in the future.”

But, Imran Khan, who ignored the warnings is forced to appeal to the people not to venture near the LoC. Meanwhile, the Imran Khan government, failing to raise the Kashmir issue at the international level, is flummoxed as to what can be the next course of action. Responsible analysts in Pakistan have been criticising that therefore, the Pakistan government has tried to cover up its failure through false campaigns and emotional appeals.

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