Russia starts major war exercise that includes more than 100 fighter jets and 1000 personnel

Third World WarMoscow : Russia has started a powerful war exercise with participation of more than 100 fighter jets and approximately 1000 personnel. The objective of this war exercise is to prepare Russia to defend itself in case of an enemy attack. 50 military operations will be conducted in all, during these war exercises, informed the Russian media. These are warning bells for the western countries in view of the rising tension of Russia with the United States, UK and NATO.

These exercises, which include a participation from the Russian air force as well as the military, will help in studying the defense tactics to protect Russia from enemy attacks. Mountain region warfare, joint military operations and preparations for attack on enemy locations will be performed in these exercises, informed the Russian news agency. The rapid deployment of the Russian soldiers and faster transport of the arms systems will also be practiced in these exercises. The Russian news agency has published this report based on the information received from the Russian Western Military District (WMD), responsible for the security of the western border. The Russian news agency has said that Russia will be testing all its latest arms systems in these exercises. Sukhoii-27, Sukhoii-30 and Sukhoii-35 fighter jets will participate in the exercises. Along with these the advanced Russian bomber Sukhoii-34 will also participate in the exercises. A fleet of MI-24, MI-28N, MI-35 and Camov KA-52 helicopters will carry out special military operations. Russia has made widespread use of these fighter jets and bombers in the Syrian conflict since last two years.

The exercises will be led by Lieutenant General Alexander Duplinski, commander of the Russian WMD. Russia has not announced a schedule for the exercises that started on Monday. These exercises conducted near the border with the eastern European countries are being looked at from the point of view of the rising tension between Russia and United states and its allies.

There is rising tension between Russia and the United States, UK and allies over the chemical attack on the former Russian agent at Salisbury in the UK and also  Russia’s backing to Syria. The United States, France and the UK have claimed to have destroyed the chemical weapons manufacturing facility in Syria with its air attacks. United States and allies had warned that this was a reprimand for the Syrian government for carrying out chemical attacks on its own population.

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin had severely criticised the attacks on Syria by the United States and its allies. These attacks by the western countries is an act of aggression and will be answered soon, the Russian President had threatened.

The activities of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea have increased in the last week. The warships stationed in the Tartus port in Syria have left for the Mediterranean Sea. Two destroyers from the Turkish waters also will soon be entering the Mediterranean Sea. The British Navy has observed the Russian destroyers and submarines crossing the British channel. There have been reports of the Russian fighter jets violating the airspace in the Baltic countries.

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