Russian fighter jets lurk over the East European border

Moscow: The Russian fighter jets have once again started lurking over the European border. The Ukrainian Air Force informed that the Russian fighter jets and bombers are lurking close to the border of the eastern European countries like Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria and the Black Sea. These new incidents are a proof that Russia is not bothered about the efforts made by the NATO and the European countries to contain it.

russia, nato, fighter jets, warshipsA few days ago, the advanced Russian ‘Tupolev Tu-22 Bombers’ and ‘Sukhoi-30’ fighter jets flew over the ‘Sea of Azov’ and the ‘Black sea’ near Ukraine. The jets were equipped with missiles and some of the missiles were fired, claimed Ukraine. After this, the Ukrainian defence forces were put on ‘High Combat Alert’ for some time.

It was only a few days within this incident that Ukraine informed about the flights of Russian fighter jets near the marine border of Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria. The Russian jets approached as close as about 40 km to the marine borders, claimed Ukraine.

For the past few years, Russian fighter jets, warships and submarines have been regularly observed to move near the European borders. Many countries in Northern Europe including the UK have revealed instances of stopping Russian fighter jets flying dangerously. Russian fighter jets had created a sensation flying within few meters of the US warships and surveillance aircrafts.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and other top military officials have repeatedly warned the United States as well as the NATO and other European countries, to not increase the defence preparations along the border with Russia. They were also warned of retaliation in case this was continued. Moreover, the United States and the NATO had termed the movements of the Russian fighter jets and warships as dangerous and also expressed fears of a possibility of sparking an accidental conflict.

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