China slams US says President Trump should give up ‘Cold War mentality’

Beijing/Seoul/Tokyo: President Trump’s first ‘State of the Union’ speech has invoked reactions from Iran and China. President Trump had referred to China as an ‘adversary’ nation in his speech. China has objected to this reference. President Trump should give up his Cold War mentality, reprimands the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Whereas the Iranian Foreign Ministry also has criticised Trump.

china, us, donald trump,Rogue regimes, terrorist groups and rival nations like China and Russia are posing challenges for the US, Trump had said in his speech. Pointing that out, the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Hua Chunying appealed that Trump should come out of the Cold War mentality. She also expressed hope that the US will respond well to the Chinese efforts for improving bilateral relations. But, according to some analysts, China has knowingly avoided reacting strongly to President Trump’s statements. President Trump has complained that in spite of China benefiting to the tune of USD 275 billion in the bilateral trade and receiving ample of trade concessions from the US, China is not willing to offer any trade concessions to the US. It is said that this is the main reason for differences between the two countries. At the same time, the US is taking a strong stand against China because the Chinese movements in the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean are proving detrimental to the US interests. It is said that President Trump has made the policies about the subject, more aggressive.

Although China has objected to President Trump’s speech, Japan has welcomed it. Trump has properly warned the North Koreans in apt words, said the Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary ‘Yoshihide Suga’. Even the South Korean scholars have expressed satisfaction that President Trump issued a stern warning to North Korea. It is presumed that North Korea and Iran are the countries included in the rogue regimes that Trump has referred to. As expected, North Korea has said that the Trump speech has resulted in increased tension. The US is preparing for a war against North Korea and North Korea is prepared for the war, said the North Korean official news agency.

While reacting on the social media, the Iranian Foreign Minister, Javaed Zarif has commented ‘Everyone knows where President Trump is standing and with whom’. Zarif said further that it can be surely said that he is not with the Iranian population’. The Russian media has also criticised the Trump Speech. A reporter of a Russian news agency has said that there was competition to respond to Trump’s speech, among the republican leaders.

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