US records highest Coronavirus cases and deaths; death toll reaches 18,870 while infections cross 500,000  

Washington: In the last 24 hours, the Novel Coronavirus has claimed 2,108 lives in the United States. The total number of deaths in the United States has reached 18,870, making it the country with most COVID-19 fatalities in the world. Also, the United States state of New York has become the biggest Coronavirus hotspot. The number of cases in the country has crossed 500,000. Despite that, President Donald Trump claimed that the number of new cases was on a decline.  


As per the latest data the John Hopkins University compiled on the Coronavirus pandemic in the United States, the maximum number of deaths were reported in the country in the last 24 hours. The university stated that it was the first instance of the pandemic claiming 2,108 lives in one single day. At the same time, the United States reported the highest Coronavirus deaths in the world. The number of Coronavirus cases in the United States has now crossed 500,000.  

The state of New York is currently the epicentre of the Coronavirus pandemic. In the last 24 hours, 777 patients have died in New York, taking the total number of deaths in the state over 7,800. Also, New Jersey recorded nearly 2,000 deaths. The New York state reported 170,000 Coronavirus cases, which is more than the cases in Italy and Spain.  

The number of unidentified or unclaimed dead is increasing in New York. The health department has buried 25 unclaimed bodies in the last three days. The compounds of defunct factories are being used as burial grounds for these bodies. 

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